Wednesday, 2 October 2013

CAMP in 7 Slides

mainstream cloud infographic

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cloud4SOA PaaS Matchmaking Dashboard

Cloud4SOA is a a Cloud interoperability framework and platform for user-centric, semantically-enhanced, service-oriented application design, deployment and distributed execution. 
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Report on Cloud and Service Level Agreement from the Digital Agenda for Europe (European Commission)

The rapid evolution of the cloud market is leading to the emergence of new services, new ways for service provisioning and new interaction and collaboration models both amongst cloud providers and service ecosystems exploiting cloud resources. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) govern the aforementioned relationships by defining the terms of engagement for the participating entities.

Here the report: Digital Agenda for Europe - European Commission: Digital Agenda for Europe - European Commission

Friday, 7 June 2013

Cloud4SOA Governance/Monitoring Dashboard

Cloud4SOA enables a multi-cloud paradigm at PaaS level, providing an interoperable framework for PaaS developers. The system supports Cloud-based application developers with multiplatform matchmaking, management, unified application and cloud monitoring and migration. It interconnects heterogeneous PaaS offerings across different providers that share the same technology through the concept of adapter that provides a REST-based API for any-platform access. Cloud4SOA’s provides four main functionalities briefly described in the following:

•             Semantic Matchmaking allows to search among the existing PaaS offerings those that best match the developer’s needs. Matchmaking heavily capitalizes on semantic technologies to:
i)                 align the user requirements and the PaaS offerings even if they are expressed in different terms and
ii)                resolve the semantic conflicts between diverse PaaS offerings and allow matching of concepts between different PaaS providers that may use different naming or even different measurement units.
•             Cross-platform application Management supports the efficient deployment and governance of applications in a PaaS-independent way. The developers can manage the life-cycle of their applications is a homogenized way independently of the specific PaaS offering the application is deployed. The application management capitalizes on the SLA mechanism that enables the establishment of an agreement between a PaaS offering and a developer.
•             Application Migration offers the functionality to migrate already deployed applications from one PaaS offering to another. Moving an application between PaaS offerings is a difficult operation, where several issues could arise Moving an application between PaaS offerings consists of two main steps:
i)                 moving the application data (the application is stopped before starting to move the data) and
ii)                Moving and redeploying the application itself to the new PaaS offering.
•             Monitoring offers a unified platform-independent mechanism to monitor the health and performance of business-critical applications hosted on multiple Clouds environments, in order to ensure that their performance consistently meets expectations defined by the SLA. Cloud4SOA provides a monitoring functionality based on platform independent metrics that apply to heterogeneous PaaS offerings.